Royal Resorts are the Royal Rip Off

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Update by user Sep 02, 2011

UPDATE: I am happy to post that making my experience known has paid off, even though it upset the people whom love Royal Resorts. My payment was refunded on Aug 31,2011. We all make mistakes and the important thing is to make it right like Royal Resorts did for me!!!

Original review posted by user Aug 19, 2011

I purchased a seven night vacation at The Royal Cancun during a timeshare presentation for Royal Resorts (aka: Interval Servicing Co ). Upon returning home from vacation 5 days later, I went online and discovered I was charged double the rate to stay at this resort.

I immediately contacted customer service and cancelled my stay at The Royal Cancun and Contacted Visa to dispute the $375 down payment I was charged. I was assured by Royal Resorts that my account would be cancelled, I would owe nothing and receive my down payment back.

A month later I received a bill in the mail from Royal Resorts. I contacted customer service again and was assured it was only a mistake and I owed nothing, at this time they mailed a letter to me showing my account was closed and my account balance is $0. I begin to think I am finally out of this scam until a month later when Visa calls to inform me that my down payment still has not been refunded.

I call customer service again and again and keep getting the run around and am told someone will call me back (which never happened). Upon my last call to customer service they finally tell me they have no plans on refunding the down payment I made. I now have to go through the Better Business Bureau to try to get my money back from this scam.

Please beware Royal Resorts cares nothing about there customers and only about ripping people off!!!

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I cannot imagine that the BBB would assign a rating of "F" to Royal Resorts. I think the commentator may have confused "Royal Resorts" with "Royal Holiday Club", which is a Right-To-Use membership club.


I own 7 timeshares, including one at Royal Resorts (The Royal Haciendas).My experience has been that Royal Resorts is the best timeshare in Mexico.

The company has always delivered that which was promised to me. Timeshare developers sell these vouchers to prospective buyers, providing an affordable vacation to the buyer and a second opportunity for the prospective buyer to become a timeshare owner. At the same time, Developers enter into contractual relationships with travel agencies (Expedia, Travelocity, etc.) to provide a block of rooms at a discounted price. The price is often lower than the price of the vouchers sold directly by the Timeshare developer, as the price is based upon projected volume.

At predetermined intervals, the travel agency may return surplus inventory to the Developer and receive a credit.

Developers then contact other travel agencies (such as Hotwire), which sell last-minute vacation opportunities.The price assigned to any timeshare unit varies, based upon anticipated demand for that particular time interval.


Royal Resorts in Mexico customer service department is Interval Servicing Company in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.They have an "F" rating with the Better Business Bureau for running this scam.

The Federal Consumer Protection Commission (profeco) states that any timeshare or vacation packaged purchased while in Mexico is to be fully refunded when cancelled in writing within 5 days.Royal Resorts are crooks that do not obey the law!!!

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